Personalized soaps


Ability to create a dye from a

Pantone given and according to the country of destination.


45 existing molds.

Possibility of creating your mold at very competitive prices.

Additional accessories

Possibility to add by hand on each of the products decorative elements such as links Raphia for example.

You can even provide the accessories we will incorporate for you.


Ability to create and / or print stickers.

Laying on bottles, boxes and other media.

The marking of products

Stamp and text in relief on your soap, a stamp or plate relief by type of soap.

Single-sided or double-sided

The scents

150 existing scents.

Possibility to develop specific scents.


Wide ranges of containers available.

Possibility to look for specific packaging (wooden boxes, glass jars, aluminum tube or plastic …)

Complex packaging management.



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