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NATURE TO FOLLOW is a concentrate of benefits for your well-being, but also know-how, our motto is to continue to live the soap and meet the expectations of consumers and looking smooth and enjoyable products. We want to continue to attract a clientele in love with beautiful and good products in accordance with practices respectful of man and the environment. Our soaps are pure, ecological, economical and efficient products. The soap of the range NATURE TO FOLLOW carries the soul of the product authentic and natural.

Products in accordance with European legislation, according to EC regulation 1223/2009 of 30 November 2009


A collection of natural soaps, which was revisited in memory to the pin-up of the 50s who were basking in their bathtub, a soap in hand, reminding us of its strong sensual power. Our soaps leave a velvety wake that lingers on the skin, without invading the air of the bathroom.


Our oriental range combines the nourishing benefits of argan oil and olive oil, it has a moisturizing action, the skin is soft and supple.


This range invites you to escape through our perfumes and our world of well-being. Because traveling does not always leave. The scent of this collection is COTTON FLOWER enriched with shea butter, it emanates a smell floral, powdered and zen with soft notes of bamboo, which will be appreciated by all.


With aromatic accents of lavender, olive verbena or violet. Our soap from the provence range is soft, unctuous, fragrant and long lasting, it responds to our thirst for cleanliness, well-being and simplicity. With all these qualities, one could use only vegetable soap, for the shower.

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